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A Night to remember:  80s PROM NIGHT AT 118 NORTH!


Thank you for dusting off your old tux and ironing that Gunne Sax that you got at the mall - we crowned a Prom KING AND QUEEN!

And don't worry... every year, we're gonna ROCK THE PROM '80s-Style AGAIN!

More pictures here:

Scroll down for some more AWESOME 80s PROM PICS, including some of your favorite MWY members!


Run to the Eckerd and buy all the AquaNet you can:  It's PROM IN THE 80s!

Picture date: oh, let's go with 1984-ish.


Oh, yeah. Let's bring back the Limahl hair!

Picture date:  sometime around 1985


His face says, "Robert Smith RULES!" Her face says, "I wish that literally anyone else had asked me to the Prom."

Picture date: that hair says 1987

Dave Oxman Prom.jpg

Prom night is MAGIC NIGHT.

Picture date:  oh, let's say '86-ish?

Nothing says, "ah, yes, this is an 80s Prom" like a wrist corsage and a balloon arch.

Picture date: '88? Sure, why not? '88.

Petra Prom 1988

Well, silver lame' is certainly a...choice.
Picture date: 1989


What do you think the over/under is on their loving each other for life?

Picture Date: This practically SCREAMS 1987.

Joe Oxman Prom.jpg

That guy looks like he plays the bass.

Picture Date: Ten bucks says this is 1982.


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