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Band Members


Bass, vocals

Joe has been playing bass since middle school, a hobby he initially picked up to impress a girl in his class. The girl didn't work out, but the bass playing did. Hobbies include cuffing the sleeves on his trench coat and staring out the window on rainy days, filled with ennui.



Petra started singing as a baby, mainly because she realized that it was the best way to annoy her sister. She joined Melt With You at some point in the past, but doesn't remember quite when. Petra enjoys writing poetry that she insists is deep and meaningful. She prefers to do this by candlelight, using a quill pen.


Guitar, vocals

Dan the Man (actual name) is a man of many talents. Aside from playing with Melt With You, he also coaches his local curling  team and is a competitive yodeler. In his spare time, such as it is, he likes to people-watch. If he sees a "cool" person, he will make finger guns and say, "EYYY" while he winks at them.


Lead Guitar

Kurt is Melt With You's lead guitarist. He's the one who keeps the crowd going, strumming and picking and pulling music out of his very soul. In his down time, Kurt likes to pickle vegetables and teach Karate to his cats.

Robert Smith 2_edited.jpg



A band wouldn't be complete without keys, and Melt With You couldn’t have asked for a better one than the talented Dave. Interestingly, Dave started out playing the tuba, but switched when he realized that very few 80s band require heavy brass. His hobbies include doing multiplication tables in his head and dancing with himself.

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Jeff is Melt With You's latest addition, and what an addition he is! His drumming is fantastic, and his name starts with a "J," which, unbeknownst to him, is a prerequisite for drumming with MWY. We also accept "D" and "K" names (special dispensation only), but only one "P," and that was taken. MWY is grateful that his name isn't Pete, as he'd have to find another gig. In his spare time, Jeff enjoys watching Bob Ross videos.

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